Our letter Q

Ok I was a slacker this week. But here is our activities for the letter Q.












We also played a game called “what’s quiet” when I whispered lets be quiet we tried to be as quiet as possible. When I talked in my regular voice they were allowed to yell.

We played a Simon says type of game. Id tell them to do something like jump on one leg. They continued to do so until I said “quit”.

We played with quarters and saw how they are different from other coins.


Our lessons with the letter P

This letter was so much fun! I never realized how many animals started with the letter P. If you see something you like, pin it. Have any questions or suggestions? Please leave me a comment below. Here are pictures from the week we learned about the letter p.















We took a walk one morning to look for planes and check out some different plants.





Videos we watched:
what a piano sounds like

Songs we sang:
I am a pizza

Games we played:
Hot potato hot potato

Movies we watched:
Happy feet

Oh shut it, 2015 is almost here…

So I have NEVER made resolutions. I had no desire to do so. But this year I thought I might as well make a list of a few things I hope to accomplish within this new year. If they don’t get completed…. Oh well. Shit happens.

But my list is:

-Lose 30lbs

-Run another 5k

-Make home made cookies with the kids

-Hold less grudge (this will be very hard for me!!)

-Help someone’s life in a positive way.

-Forgive myself and give myself a little slack.

-Accept and appreciate things/ people I can’t change (this too will also be very hard for me as well)

-Be a better wife to my husband and remember he was here before we had children.

-Be a better mom and remember they won’t live under my roof forever and I’m going to miss this.

-Hike more often.

-Be the change I wish to see in the world.


The letter N

So I’ve hit a point where I’m running low on creativity on how to teach letters to my children. I never want it to be boring so I strive to think of fun ideas. They are not complaining by any means. I just personally wish I could spark some new creativity to teach them. Below is our lessons with the letter N.
















We also discussed night. We discussed how the moon and stars are more easily seen at night. And we read this book: Good Night Moon

We also watched the video: the letter N

If you have any questions on our activities please ask. Also if you see anything you like please pin my blog on pinterest 🙂

Christmas grinch ornaments

What you will need:

Tooth pick
1 cup of salt
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of water

Mix the salt, flour and water all together. Roll it out to make it flat. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.

Make hand print in the dough. Cut around the hand print. DON’T forget to take a toothpick and make a hole at the top for your ribbon. Place your cut out handprint on a cookie sheet. Bake for about 4-6 hours. Remember to make sure your dough is completely dry before painting it. If you paint it while it’s still moist you have a chance of your ornament becoming moldy.

Once it’s done- paint as desired. Here is our for this year. IMG_5054.JPG